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Experts in the Golf Space

Our agency experience spans from a deep knowledge of consumer behavior, to golf property management – and all things in between.

GTS evolved from Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday, an organization that has thrived for 50 years, and has been at the forefront of destination marketing for decades.

In that role, the organization has developed specific marketing and execution strategies in the golf industry, and has amassed the skillsets and assets of a media company.

In addition to serving the Myrtle Beach area, Golf Tourism Solutions is also exploring strategic relationships to leverage our skills and assets, and bring value by extending our message to new consumers.

Our full-service marketing agency represents
the Myrtle Beach area golf industry primarily, with services including:

As well as cutting-edge Golf Course Technologies

The golf media landscape is very difficult to navigate successfully. Overpriced, ineffective, tired digital platforms relying on an outdated model have become the norm. Our strategy of securing our own media assets and developing a community of golfers is proving to be ahead of its time.

There is still a role for large scale branding utilizing media in some instances, but the key is to be successful long term is in testing, targeting, reporting on a focused strategy of lead acquisition based on consumer data, driven by multi platform content generation.

Bill Golden, CEO